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Your Coffee Needs this Addition NOW

Getting tired of your same old coffee cream & sugar?☕️

Check out this functional & DELICIOUS “forest juice” to swirl into your morning coffee instead!🧬

In a recent @wellandgood article, our A4 co-founder and registered dietitian @jennastangland explains how this mushroom-infused syrup contains FUNCTIONALLY nutritious ingredients that can be a impactful addition to an already nutrient-dense diet 🍄

Don't stop at coffee 🙅‍♀️ This product is wonderful when drizzled on pancakes or any of your favorite sweet treats to give it a punch of flavor & nutrition 👊

What is in it that makes it so special?

- Chaga 🌲

- Turkey tail mushroom

- Reishi mushroom

What sets apart the mushroom in this product?

- Cultivated in Canada

- Dual extracted 💧

- B corp certified ☑️

- Climate neutral ♻️

Find the full article here discover what makes these syrup ingredients so special & how it can help YOU in your wellness journey 📖

Until Next Time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts

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