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what does it do?

Have you tried the basics to feel and perform better, but basically feel the same? Have you tried different “healthy” or elimination diets, but ultimately feel like you are throwing out random darts hoping to hit the target? The fact is food and chemicals (which we ingest) can have unique sensitivities to each individual and lead to inflammation.  A food or compound that is neutral or healthy for one person, could actually be the culprit of building chronic conditions in another person. 


Why Use A4 Health for this service?

There are many food sensitivity tests on the market, but they are not created equal in reliability of effectiveness. A4 Health uses the best and most reliable Mediator Release Testing that tests over 170 different foods and chemicals from direct client blood work collected safely at local clinics.  Our digestive health nutrition team is certified to evaluate your results and customize a LEAP anti-inflammatory diet plan that is based on your unique biochemical profile and lifestyle.

MRT is designed to help decrease overall inflammation for conditions such as: chronic migraines, headaches, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome/colitis, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, resistant weight loss, GERD, gastrointestinal bloating, chronic pain/fatigue, delayed muscle recovery and soreness, dermatological skin rashes, or just a general sense of "blah” or mental lows and brain fog. 


We will help you eliminate the frustration, start feeling better, and notice a dramatic improvement in overall well-being and performance. Program length: 3 months


Program Cost: $695 

Program Includes: Initial Consultation, MRT Testing Kit, Diet follow-up planning and progress appointments (4 total), unlimited text messages for program duration

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