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We believe in setting our community in motion. Motion was formed to offer individuals in the Twin Cities area a patient-first, outcome-focused physical therapy option. Motion physical therapists are highly trained, leaders of the physical therapy field, and dedicated to ongoing teaching and learning. They are committed to staying competitive in evidenced-based therapies then customizing treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each and every person.

We work with unsurpassed, likeminded trainers, therapists, coaches, dietitians and instructors to meet our patient’s full needs to stay in motion.


east west acupuncture

At EastWest Acupuncture we are committed to improving your quality of life using the restorative power of acupuncture and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Our practitioners use acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, Tui Na massage, and other healing modalities to help you achieve better health, peace of mind, and overall wellness.


pura vida

Pura Vida Elite is a family of professional futbol coaches and consultants who love to share their multi-disciplinary expertise & multi-cultural futbol, life and educational experience with athletes. Pura Vida's mission is to support long-term development of our players through, creative and effective supplemental training. We offer soccer specific private & small group training, soccer freestyle, free play, high performance training, and sports psychology.  



Enhance your service offerings for your community and your clients by partnering with A4 Registered Dietitians to bring the best of your world a fresh perspective on fueling, self-care, and mindfulness.


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