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Employee wellness is no longer a “nice to have”. In today’s environment the health and wellbeing of employees directly correlates to organizational health and performance. 

A4 Health is not your average corporate wellness provider. We are a company developed with subject matter expertise and a personal passion to help your rockstar people live their healthiest, most inspired lives.  A4 Health is well-equipped in large-scale execution to help you achieve all of your Corporate Wellness goals.

Our program brings a customized approach to employee wellness that meets your exact organization's demographics and goals. With the power of our multi-disciplined subject matter experts and the depth of our preferred partners, A4 Health is able to efficiently design and execute a one-size-fits-one program that achieves and exceeds health outcomes and cost reductions.  

All programs are tailored to the needs of your unique corporate culture providing show-stopping and actionable solutions that will change the lives of your employees for the better - without disrupting the state of your business.



Minneapolis, Minnesota

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