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Self Care & Chocolate Cake

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The month of February is synonymous with chocolate, love, and gifts from the heart. This year let’s also make it a season for self-care. Pretty sure we can agree that 2020 was something else and took a toll on us in many ways. The world and all its uncertainty is still out there, so why keep holding back! Let’s agree to make the everyday a little better and tuck in some restoration and comfort that is beautifully designed for you. As the phrase goes, an empty cup can’t fill others up.

One of my favorite ways to self-care actually lines up with this months chocolate theme in the form of decadent cake. Since I have the dietary restriction of eating gluten free, I often need to make my own. And yes, even a dietitian eats chocolate cake sometimes. It’s all about balance which is healthy in the long run.

Check out my favorite "healthified" and gluten free cake recipe in the next post. Savor every dang bite my love!

Here’s some other fun ideas to show yourself comfort and care:

  1. Drink fuzzy water, smoothie, kombucha, or other healthy drink in a fancy wine or cocktail glass.

  2. Light candles and/or turn on an essential oils diffuser

  3. Save citrus peels in the freezer, them put them in the shower floor to give yourself an aromatherapy steam bath.

  4. Soak your feet in a hot bath, rub great smelling lotion on your feet and put on fuzzy socks

  5. Take a nap/go for a walk/do 10 minutes of yoga in the middle of your workday

  6. Have a piece of chocolate cake as a dessert breakfast once in awhile

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