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One Thing You CAN'T Forget On a Hot Day

Whether you are heading out on the boat 🌊 or spending any time at all outside this weekend, we have a nutrition tip that will keep you feeling refreshed & enjoying the sunshine ☀️

Did you know that when you sweat you don’t lose JUST water, but electrolytes too 🤭 Not only that, SODIUM is the main electrolyte lost. Yeah, so salt is NOT the enemy. If you are sweating buckets and only rehydrating with water, you are not replenishing those lost electrolytes!

This is an EASY fix. Throw a few dashes of 🧂 on that 🍉 that is already a crowd favorite at 4th of July parties, and you’ll be good to go! Your body will thank you 💯

If you are playing a friendly game of football, the carbs in watermelon can contribute to replenishing your body’s carbohydrate stores as well.

Check out this Goodhousekeeping article where RD Christina provides more insight to why watermelon provides many health benefits 👊

Until Next Time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts 🍍


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