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Nutrient Pairings You Need to AVOID

BOOKMARK THIS as a reference when planning nutrition goals for the new year! 📖

First off, it is important to make sustainable goals that are right for YOU when it comes to nutrition. Psst… our A4 Health Dietitians can help you out 🙋‍♀️

When it comes to taking vitamins or pairing specific foods in your meals, it is important to ensure there are NO nutrients competing for absorption ❌

Get the largest benefits from your meals by staying AWAY from these nutrient combos 🚫

➡️ Calcium & iron

➡️ Copper & zinc

➡️ Vitamin A & vitamin K

➡️ Vitamin E & vitamin K

A food example to stay away from: calcium in 🥛 competing for absorption of the iron in 🥩

If you are getting megadoses of vitamin E and/or vitamin A in your diet, this will lower the absorption of vitamin K 🤕 We NEED vitamin k for optimal blood clotting & bone health!!

More often, copper and zinc absorption issues apply to those supplementing these nutrients as a vitamin in their pure form (or suffer from a specific condition lowering one of the nutrients), but it is always important to spread awareness about these

🥊 antagonist relationships 🥊

Before cooking your next dinner or purchasing vitamins to implement into your daily routine (big kudos to you for taking action in improving your health 👏), keep this list in mind!

Click here to schedule a consultation with one of our elite Dietitians & discover how to optimize your nutrition AND what your INDIVIDUAL needs are now 🧬

Follow @a4health & stay tuned to discover how to create nutrient duos in your meals that will enhance the benefits YOU get from these foods 🤭

Until Next Time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts 🍍


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