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What the FRUIT?!

In celebration of the FIRST day of summer ☀️, we are going to dig into fruits & vegetables in-season NOW! Did you know that eating fruits & vegetables IN-SEASON are more flavorful AND nutritious? Not to mention they are more cost-effective too 🤭 #budgethack

Let’s dig into this ⬇️

There are some fruits & vegetables that are always “in-season” and others that are grown only at certain times of the year.

Here are the fruits & veggies in season ONLY this summer:

  • Berries 🍓

  • Yellow squash/zucchini

  • Corn 🌽

  • Cantaloupe/honeydew melons

  • Stone fruit (peaches, plums, apricots nectarines, cherries) 🍒🍑🥭

  • Tomatoes 🍅

  • Watermelon 🍉

  • Okra

  • Grapes 🍇

What ARE the health benefits?

Eating fruits in-season not only have richer flavor due to it being freshly picked and not processed, but it also has more vitamin C to support immunity and more antioxidants to protect against chronic diseases!

Both of these RAPIDLY decline in concentration as fruit & vegetables are processed or preserved to be consumed out of season.

What is in-season during fall, winter, & spring?

fall only = cauliflower, cranberries, & ginger

winter only = grapefruit, leeks, & oranges 🍊

spring only = asparagus & rhubarb

mix of seasons = broccoli 🥦, apples 🍎, avocados 🥑, carrots 🥕, celery, collard greens, garlic 🧄, herbs, kale, kiwi 🥝, lemons 🍋, lettuce 🥬, limes, mushrooms , onions 🧅, & pineapples 🍍

Stay tuned for our next post discussing sport nutrition tips for your favorite summer fruits!

Hint: 🍉🧂

Until Next Time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts 🍍

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