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What is the deal with MAGNESIUM?

What is magnesium and why do people take it as a supplement? 🤔

Magnesium is a mineral that provides MULTIPLE benefits, and ranges based on individualistic goals.

Your body NEEDS magnesium to function properly. It helps to support the optimization of your: bones 🦴, brain 🧠, muscles 💪, heart ❤️, & nerves 🧬.

It helps to produce hormones and enzymes that support 300+ biochemical reactions in your body!

➡️ Helps your body produce energy 🔋

➡️ Supports immunity too!🦠

It can come from food, but is one of the most common nutrient DEFICIENCIES in the U.S.!!

What is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)?🤔

➡️ 350-420mg

What's the kicker with that?

➡️ Most magnesium-rich foods grown in the U.S. have a depletion of nutrients in the soil

= LESS magnesium in our food!

What happens if you don't get ENOUGH?🤭

➡️ irritability

➡️ fatigue

➡️ nausea

➡️ insomnia

➡️ muscle weakness

➡️ cramps

➡️ low blood sugar

➡️ migraines

Stay tuned for our next post to find a featured article highlighting ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the benefits of magnesium supplementation, how to take it, and side effects to watch out for 🤭

Until next time,

Your RD fuel good experts🍍

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