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The Powerhouse Nutrient You are Missing

BOOKMARK THIS POST to look back on the 🖐 reasons YOU need omega-3s:

1️⃣ Lowers cardiovascular risk by easing inflammation at the CELLULAR level 🫀

2️⃣ Reduces joint pain & oxidative stress

3️⃣ Supports cognitive function & neuroprotection 🧠

4️⃣ Aids in eye health


Omega-3s support the development of hormones that regulate blood clotting 🩸, arterial wall contraction/relaxation, & inflammation. Omega-3s also cling to receptors that regulate genetic function 🧬, which is why these healthy fats can lower the risk of heart diagnoses, joint pain, declining brain health & other health conditions.

5️⃣ Daily needs = 1-3 grams per day (1,000-3,000 mg)

Needs for athletes are at the high end of this range!

WHAT does this amount look like?🤔

6 oz wild salmon 🍣 = 1,570 mg (1220 mg DHA & 350 mg EPA)

3 oz oysters 🦪 = 260 mg (+ over a whole day’s worth of zinc!)

3 oz albacore tuna 🐟 = 733 mg

5.6 oz halibut = 740 mg

OR a third-party tested omega-3 supplement 💊 @nordicnaturals

➡️ BONUS: How are omega-3s different from other healthy fats?

Omega-3 fats consist of EPA and DHA found in fatty fish!

Both of these fatty acids can be converted from ALA found in nuts and seeds, but it is not an efficient process. Ideally, consume fatty fish/fish oils to get EPA and DHA directly from food.

The other healthy fats in our diet include omega-6 fats, which are what contribute to the nutrient richness of foods like olive oil, nuts, seeds, and soybeans. Although omega-6 fats are essential nutrients like omega-3 fats, most Americans have an unequal ratio between the two and are very deficient in omega-3s. They both compete for the same enzymes, and omega-3s provide anti-inflammatory end products that omega-6s do not! This is why having a favorable ratio between the two fatty acids is essential for OPTIMAL health & cellular function!


It is essential to consume sufficient omega-3s to have a favorable ratio of OMEGA-3 : OMEGA-6!

Be sure to include fatty fish in your diet to optimize your heart, brain, and eye health while fighting off adverse inflammation 👏

Until Next Time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts 🍍

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