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READY. SET. SMOOTHIE. This Real-Food Product Must-Have

In our last post we promised that we would provide a place where you can get sacha inchi and the freshest sourced produce all in one place. That place is Realm!

What is realm all about?

Realm smoothies provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals sourced only from WHOLE-FOOD PLANTS 🌱 that are HAND-PICKED at its FRESHEST ripeness and freeze-dried for convenience. Not only that, it packs a protein punch with their sacha inchi newest addition!👊 Talk about the whole package!

This convenient, on-the-go snack 🏃‍♀️ is perfect for any busy individual that doesn’t have the time or resources to blend up pounds of produce at their peak freshness PLUS get a dose of high-quality plant protein at the same time. The ingredients found in Realm can be blended with water 💧 or any milk 🥛 to provide whatever it is that makes the perfect drink you are needing.

Not only that, Realm simplifies healthy eating for all with their realistic, sustainable, and traceable smoothie products.🌎

What is Realm NOT?

  • Realm is NOT another over-processed powder that doesn’t follow through on its nutritional promises.🤥

  • Realm is NOT another company that includes a laundry list of vitamins and minerals sourced from non-food ingredients.🤭

  • Realm is NOT another company that packs their products with ultra-process ingredients, preservatives, and added sugar that leave you feeling fatigued and sick to your stomach.🤢

  • Realm is NOT a company negligent of the environment.🌳

Try their 5 flavors for yourself at this link:

Until Next Time,

Your Fuel Good RD Experts 🍍

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