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How to do Healthy Snacking like a PRO

Even when creating balanced meals, sneaking in additional nutrients throughout the day in the form of healthy snacks provides substantial benefits.


Treats: satisfy a craving, but rarely satisfy hunger

Healthy snacking: nutrient-rich combinations that provide fiber, whole grains, lean proteins, and/or healthy fats to satisfy hunger

FACTORS to consider during snack selection?

  • Hunger level

  • Time of day

  • Pre- or post-workout

  • Weight goals


1. PLAN ahead (spending ~5 minutes each night can support healthy snacking for the following day)

2. Develop a ROUTINE (athletes need fuel every 2-3 hour support performance and recovery)

3. Make snacks a PRIORITY (in just a few minutes you can consume a quick, nutrient- dense snack)


Light snacks: fruit, veggies, yogurt, or granola bar

- only make up ☝️ macronutrient

Moderate snacks: fruit with peanut butter, trail mix, string cheese, veggies with hummus, low-fat milk, fruit smoothie

- make up at least ✌️ macronutrients for optimal satiation

Substantial snacks: sandwich or bagel with peanut butter or

grilled chicken, cheese with crackers

- a small meal

Not ALL treats need to be removed from the diet🙅‍♀️, it is mainly important to be HONEST with your body’s needs and in tune with the nutrients you consume!

Until next time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts🍍

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