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3 Steps to Make the Shift to Healthier Eating SEAMLESS

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Shifting into healthier eating may feel daunting, but taking a few steps toward this change of pace will provide endless benefits.

1. First ask yourself: how are you eating RIGHT NOW?

How do you feel?

Are you REALLY eating mindfully OR when feeling bored?

Are you feeling sluggish during workouts?

Is your gut signaling intolerance to certain foods causing excess bloating/discomfort?

Recording a food journal for a few days can help to provide an idea of which areas you could improve on in your journey to healthier eating.


Now that you know where you are in terms of what you are eating and when, you need to make simple decisions on the necessary changes that can make the positive impact you need in your health journey.

Switching out soda for additional water will not only help HYDRATE you better💧, it also provides additional benefits to many systems throughout your body. Proper hydration will manage your calorie intake, blood pressure🫀, brain function🧠, and GI function.

3. ACT

With a plan in place, it is now time to CHANGE. Whether it be boosting fiber intake by replacing cereal with oatmeal and upping your daily vegetable consumption, choosing lower fat protein sources to support heart health, or being mindful about eating breakfast to begin each day fueled for excellence, it is the ACTION that will make your goals a reality.

Curious about how to BEST improve your nutrition, manage your adverse digestive symptoms, and/or looking for someone to support you in making the necessary dietary changes for optimal health?

Schedule a FREE 15-minute coaching call 📞 to see how we can best support and improve YOUR nutrition journey to get an "A" for Health:

Until next time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts🍍

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