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What *is* Nutritional Yeast & Why are People Talking about it?

In continuation of last week’s plant-based theme, let’s talk about this vegan, cheesy-tasting, nutrient-dense and high protein ingredient!

Nutritional yeast, AKA "nooch", is made from the same yeast used to help bread rise. The difference lies in their activity state. Nutritional yeast is inactive, unlike traditional bread yeast's active and lively state.

How is it made?

Nutritional yeast is made from living yeast that is fed sugar compounds, where it then gets fermented, heated, pasteurized and dried (hence, its inactive state).

What else happens here?

This process releases compounds in the nutritional yeast that gives it that cheesy flavor everyone (vegans too!) know and love. Not only that, this flaky ingredient becomes shelf-stable for up to two years, when packaged.

What if I have a yeast allergy? Can I eat this?

Unfortunately, no.

What is nutritional yeast free of?

- gluten free

- soy free

- sugar free

Stay tuned for our next post to discover 8 health benefits of nutritional yeast and ways you can sneak it into your daily diet!

Until Next Time,

Your Fuel Good RDs🍍

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