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The 10 Nutrient Dynamic Duos You MUST Know

Introducing…. the 10 BEST nutrient dynamic duos 🤝


1️⃣ Vitamin D & calcium

2️⃣ Vitamin B12 & folate (vitamin B9)

3️⃣ Potassium & sodium

4️⃣ Vitamin C & iron

5️⃣ Vitamin C & collagen

6️⃣ Dietary fats & fat soluble vitamins (check out last week’s post on omega-3s & vitamin D 🙌)

7️⃣ Niacin (vitamin B3) & tryptophan

8️⃣ Turmeric & black pepper

9️⃣ Vitamin K & gut bacteria

🔟 Vitamin D & cholesterol


Pairing these nutrient combos TOGETHER in your snacks/meals/lifestyle will MAXIMIZE health benefits by:

🧬 INCREASING their nutrient absorption


🧬 IMPROVING the levels of those nutrients in the body

Making a conscious effort to pair these will help make meal planning easier AND more enjoyable 🍽 Who doesn’t want that??👏

STAY TUNED for a post later this week where we will reveal EXAMPLES on just how to make many of these dynamic duos come to life in YOUR diet 📝

This is the PERFECT time to implement sustainable changes to ACHIEVE your health & wellness goals 👊

Until Next Time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts 🍍

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