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Protein is NOT all you Need After a Workout

Exhausted after a long workout? As tempting as it may be to mix some protein powder in your water bottle before moving on with your busy day, there is MUCH more replenishing that needs to be done here. See if you can find the 4 R's to nutrition for exercise recovery ⬇️

Although protein post-workout in order to stimulate muscle repair and growth, it is NOT the only macronutrient to consider!🧐

Carbohydrates are ESSENTIAL in a pre-workout & post-workout meal!🍌

Did you know glycogen (aka carbs) stores in the body directly relate to the performance outcome during the onset of aerobic exercise?

Not only are carbs the preferred fuel source for the body, but they help to:

  • Spare protein

  • Decrease muscle breakdown

  • AND replenish glycogen stores when consumed post-workout

While the types of carbs (fast-digesting vs slower-digesting) and amount of carbs ingested are individualized and one-size-fits-one dependent on a variety of factors (age, sex, body weight/body composition, type of physical activity, duration of physical activity, GI tolerance, etc)...

It has been shown that waiting longer than 2 hours to consume carbs post-workout can down regulate glycogen synthesis by 50%!!!

A good starting point is to achieve a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein in your post-workout meal.

Another key component to introduce into your post-workout nutrition regimen are the reinforcers: anti-inflammatory foods! Aka foods with rich colors - dark blue, dark red, bright orange, & purple.


🍒 Tart cherry juice (bonus: this contains 25g carbs per serving)

🍓🫐 Fresh/frozen berries

🟠 Turmeric

Not to mention, rehydration 💧 is another key component! Check out this post to discover the main considerations for hydration 🔋

Find out your individual needs and how to best optimize your workouts by consulting with a Registered Dietitian 🙋‍♀️

Until Next Time,

Your RD Fuel Good Experts 🍍

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