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Game-Changing Breakfast Tips

As you head into the weekend, check out our tips to help prepare you for breakfast planning in the week ahead! Heads up: it just might transform your family’s viewpoint on breakfast 🙌🏼

Here are some breakfast tips that are easy, healthy, & will taste delicious (even for your kiddos!) 🍽 Included are even some money-saving tips, making these tips cost-effective too!

1. Prepare it ahead of time if you can (time-saver!) ⏱

  1. Set aside some time on Sundays to prepare breakfast meals for the week ahead! This could look like egg bakes, egg sandwiches, breakfast wraps, whole grains muffins, egg bites, or overnight oatmeal. Other than the oatmeal, the rest of these meals can be popped into the freezer and taken out and reheated at your convenience 🍳🔋

2. Cook more than you’ll need that day

  1. If you don’t have time over the weekend, you can make breakfast on Monday as usual, and refrigerate or freeze the leftovers to save time later in the week!

3. Make higher protein breakfast meals

  1. Making pancakes or waffles? Swap out refined flour for whole wheat flour

  2. Top those pancakes or waffles with yogurt & honey instead of syrup

  3. Add nut butter to toast or oatmeal for some extra protein and healthy fats

  4. Make yogurt parfaits with fresh or frozen fruit

Protein needs for children vary based on age, activity level, and many other factors. Regardless, it is essential that growing children consume a protein-rich meal to begin their day!🔋

4. Add whole grains where ever possible 🥣

  1. Swap out white bread for whole grain bread to improve the nutrient-density of your child’s meal, which includes fiber to help them stay full until lunch!

  2. Pair breakfast protein with oatmeal (add milk instead of water for protein & fullness) instead of cereal.

5. Alter egg use 🍳

Instead of removing use, try reducing use! With the steep incline in egg cost, it is unaffordable for many to continue serving all their children 2+ eggs every day for breakfast. However, completely swapping it out doesn’t have to be the answer!

Not only are eggs a great source of protein for children that is essential for a strong foundation in the first meal, it also is rich in essential nutrients!🧬 Most notably, choline and fat-soluble vitamins that support brain health and important growth/development.

Try this instead: Reduce egg serving to one egg per child and supplement the rest of the protein with egg whites. Although egg whites are much lower in vitamins, they still provide the essential protein children needed for the fraction of a cost

Yes! When you look at the comparison of egg white cartons to egg cartons - the cost per protein serving is much lower in the egg white cartons.

6. Choose on-the-go options 🏃‍♀️

  1. If you often find yourself out the door as soon as you wake up, it is essential to choose breakfast options that will fuel you and can be eaten in transit!

  2. This could look like breakfast smoothies (put it all in the blender the night before, refrigerate, then blend up in the morning!), whole grain muffins/wraps, and homemade granola bars

Now that you have some tips to make breakfast more realistic for both you and your child, check out our recipes section in our blog for recipes!

Until Next Time,

Your Fuel Good RD Experts 🍍

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