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Looking for a third-party tested, effective whey or plant protein powder with Registered Dietitians and other world class medical experts on the forefront of their product development team? How about a plant protein that athletes report being the BEST-tasting plant protein?

Momentous guarantees ALL these factors and provides a high-end, BEST-IN-CLASS product that has built a strong foundation in elite AND professional sports! This brand takes pride in their athlete-focused supplements.

What is the Momentous mission?

"At Momentous we believe that everyone should have access to the highest quality and innovative products on the market combined with the knowledge and insights of why and how to use them from the world's leading experts."

What is their current impact on elite and professional athletes?

  • 150+ paying and team customers in professional and NCAA sports

  • 72% of NFL teams consistently buy and stock Momentous products

  • Our client base also consists of world-record holders, Super Bowl champs, Tour De France winners, and Olympians

Who is designing/testing Momentous products?

  • Momentous products have been designed by performance experts in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA

  • Momentous products are tested rigorously by independent 3rd parties

Who is funding research conducted by this company?

"Momentous has been awarded 6 innovation and research contracts to further human performance and optimization by the Department of Defense."


Grass-Fed Whey Isolate Protein:

What is unique about Momentous Whey Protein beyond its science-backed innovation and third party tested guarantee lies in the:

  1. ProHydrolase digestive enzymes blend included (10mg blend/1g of protein) that results in less bloating, less indigestion, and a higher concentration of amino acids in the bloodstream post-consumption

  2. Follows third-party tested standards to ensure product purity and label accuracy so it is trusted by ALL athletes:

    1. NSF Certified for Sport

    2. Informed Sport Certified

Plant Protein:

What is unique about Momentous Plant Protein beyond its science-backed innovation and third party tested guarantee lies in the:

  1. Sourced from a precise 70:30 blend of pea and rice proteins - the combination that optimizes a complete amino acid profile

  2. Professional and college athletes report it being the best-tasting plant protein

PR Lotion:

Momentous PR Lotions is the first and only sports lotion that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb, which improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts, designed to maximize your training AND recovery:

  1. Via InnerEdge™ technology, PR lotion delivers bicarb directly to the working muscles via the skin and bypasses the gut

  2. It is scientifically proven to improve performance and decrease muscle soreness to help you make training gains, faster.

  3. Bicarb has been proven to buffer acid build up in working muscles during exercise.

Why not take bicarb orally?

Oral bicarb causes extreme GI distress!

Now that you understand why Momentous is effective, trustworthy, and backed by science, YOU can benefit from their products AND a 20% discount by using the code "a4health20" at checkout!

Enjoy the new performance and health benefits that Momentous can provide to you in your every day life and training regimen👊

To book a FREE 15-minute coaching call 📞 and determine how we can best support YOUR nutrition journey, visit this link!

Until next time,

Your Fuel Good RD Experts 🍍

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