10 Day Fall Focus

10 Day Fall Focus

Are you ready for a fast Fall reset?! Has quarantine + summer fun days lead you to needing a shift back to good eating and drinking habits?  


Join us for a 10-day program that is proven to reset your eating habits and jump start your metabolic health! 


How does it work?

It starts with a 5 -day clean eating plan (paleo or vegetarian) to recalibrate portion size and food cravings.  Followed up by ProLon FMD 5-day fasting mimicking diet that includes 5 days worth of convenient, delicious, plant-based foods. 


The benefits of this scientifically tested approach are:

-Lose body fat while preserving lean body mass (muscle)

-Activate the body's cellular clean up for cell based rejuvenation

-Maintain metabolic balance

-Control cravings

-Group and coaching support that keeps you motivated


Group Start date: Sept. 28


What's included?

-5 Day prep menu and shopping list

-ProLon FMD meal kit (all food included)

-3 live group video Q&A coaching sessions

-Unlimited emails to nutrition coaches for the duration of the plan

-Feeling healthier and empowered


If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!  Join us!






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